Thursday, January 22, 2009

A Sad News For The People Of Cabadbaran

Hello fellow believers and bloggers alike, greetings to everyone in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. It's been so long since I made a post in this blog. Time got the best of us here. With this post, I also bring a sad news for many. By virtue of a Supreme Court decision, dated November 18, 2008, docketed G.R. No 176951, the City of Cabadbaran is no more. Our humble city, once again, becomes a municipality. The Court decided that our Cityhood Law, the piece of legislation that made our municipality a city, is unconstitutional, i.e. against the very foundation our Constitution has set upon all laws of the land to follow. The demotion brings a reduced Internal Revenue Allotment (IRA), that means that the National Government will shell out a reduced budget for Cabadbaran. Cabadbaran filed a consolidated Motion for Reconsideration with the Court, along with other 15 cities affected by the decision, but the word is that the motion is rejected. There is no official confirmation yet but we can no longer delay the inevitable. Our cityhood is gone.

How will this affect us? For the believers here, things have not really changed after Cabadbaran was named a city. Although, in general, things will change for the worst but the Lord has apportioned to us a far greater reward than any cityhood or any IRAs combined. His blessings will continually pour upon his people here. Even though times will be tough, His people will grow tougher. That is why, we also need your help in your prayers that everything will work out fine for us here. We will also pray for you. Let's all pray together. And surely the Lord will listen to our plea.

- Albert Cong, Webmaster


Carla said...

Don't worry about it brod, we have a continuing city that will never be diminish nor lost it's status and that is heaven. God bless you

Bro Benz said...

Hi Bro,

I know it affects you a little bit but as I look beyond, from what Bro. Albert I met 2 years ago. I'm sure that you know that this isn't really a big blow to the believers. Everything that happened and will happen is His plan. As we take a look back then, God always recognize His people needs. God Bless You!

Anonymous said...

Truly,Prophet bro.Branham said that everything our Lord God allows in our life it is for our good, to build our character. He said Laodicea goes into chaos and do we see that around us? uprisings in the Middle East, tsunamis, tornadoes and on and on and on. Where is the Bride? In Glory! right here and now. Like the 3 Hebrew children in the fiery furnace with judgment going on but not touching them. They were rejoicing. History repeats itself. We, the Bride, Queen, Kings in the earth are rejoicing. It is a day of rejoicing not sadness. The Message of the Hour is a Rejoicing and Resurrection Message as it is the rising of the Son. We are the Eternal attributes, sons and daughters of God, a holy nation, a royal priesthood, a continuing city. It is all about US. The Revelaiton Book of Symbols is speaking only of the Bride and to the Bride. She is happy as She knows who She is, that She is HIM.! Glory!